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Welcome. This blog is to document my religious, magical, and spiritual journey.

I am devoted to the goddess Brighid and to her surrounding mythology. However, I work with other gods, as well as with the Ancestors and the Spirits of Nature.


Ready for Autumn.
…and tea time.
……and stormy weather.

Artwork by the incredibly talented viki-vaki on deviantART.

Link to the artwork itself is here.

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Is tu gleus na Mnatha Sithe,
(Thine is the skill/magic of the Fairy woman.)
Is tu beus na Bride bithe,
(Thine is the virtue of Bride the calm.)
Is tu creud na Moire mine,
(Thine is the faith of Mary the mild.)
Is tu gniomh na mnatha Gréig,
(Thine is the tact/deed of the woman of Greece)
Is tu sgeimh na h-Eimir aluinn,
(Thine is the beauty of Emer the lovely)
Is tu mein na Dearshul agha,
(Thine is the tenderness of Dearshul/DarthulaDeidre delightful.)
Is tu meanm na Meabha laidir,
(Thine is the courage of Meadhbh/Meabh the strong)
Is tu taladh Binne-bheul.
(Thine is the charm of Binne-bheul/Melodious Mouth.)

From “Ora Nam Buadh” (“Invocation of the Graces”) Carmina Gadelica Vol. 1: I. Achaine: Invocations: 3. Translation by Alexander Carmichael.

It is unknown who “the woman of Greece” refers to.  Binne-bheul is apparently a character with a beautiful singing voice and a sign that I need to read the Carmina more closely.


A friend had to remove over 80 nails from a tree over looking a holy well in Dublin.

The new age thing around saint Brigid is a curse. Anywhere with that saints name on it will be subject to random acts of vandalism by “well meaning” new agers.

Who brings a hammer to a holy well? That well is in a rough part of Dublin and its entirely maintained by local people. If those new agers are caught hammering things into the tree the only wish theyre likely to get granted is for some time off work while theyre recouperating in hospital

Ugh.  People.  Do not do things like this.  It is disrespectful— to the well, to the tree, to the people who own the property.  

Littering is not a respectful offering.  Does no one leave flowers or sing anymore?

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Original photo: Brand X Gettyimages ; Caption: unknown.
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Original photo: Brand X Gettyimages ; Caption: unknown.

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O Lady Moon, your horns point toward the east;
Shine, be increased:
0 Lady Moon, your horns point toward the west;
Wane, be at rest.
From “O Lady Moon,” in Sing-Song by Christina Rossetti (via silverwitch)
I believe pain breeds wolves
and joys give rise to moons.

We grow forests in our bones
so our memories can’t find us.

I believe we hide and haunt ourselves.

Pavana पवन
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I unfortunately can find no source for this.  Does anyone know the origin of this lovely quote?

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Relationships are the backbone of polytheism, of Paganism, and anything that perpetuates rape culture or abusive language is anathema to it.
Our religious reality is about overlapping relationships: with gods, with spirits, with our ancestors, with our family, and with our wider religious community. Those relationships encompass every expression of gender, race, orientation, and ethnicity. It has to, or else we end up denying some piece of what we call sacred. I don’t have to like everything all of the time, I’m not endorsing some sort of false utopia of harmony, but I cannot forget that any time I break or poison a relationship my actions ripple out into a larger world, often in ways I could not anticipate. Further, hospitality is a common value many of our communities share, and we should bring that ethos to the Internet and social media in a real way. A chat window on Facebook may not feel like “home” but in a very real way we entering and exiting other people’s personal spaces and should ever be mindful of that. Lastly, as a family of faiths that encompass beings we call goddesses, the perpetuation of toxic patriarchal memes or sentiments degrades our mission of cultural shift.

Jason Pitzl-Waters, in Editorial: Addressing Outings, Conflict, and Community | The Wild Hunt. Specifically, this is about the recent actions a prominent Salem, Masschusetts member of the Pagan community took regarding a person that he had outed.

The Wild Hunt is widely-read enough, so I rarely feel the need to regurgitate it here. But that sound you hear is Pitzl-Waters banging that nail right on the head.

And if it’s required, I will keep reblogging this until you are sick of seeing it on my page. There is no excuse for this behavior in our community, and it is our responsibility to call it out and condemn it when it does happen.

The grave of Bress, gifted with excellences, master of love-spells, the son of comely Elatha, the brave ancestor of our gathering…

Bress, a kindly friend was he, noble he was and fortunate, ornament of the host, with visage never woeful, of the Tuath De he was the flower.

Part 40, “Carn Hui Neit”,of The Metrical Dindshenchas.  In Cath Maige Tuired and Lebor Gabála Érenn, Bres (whose name means “beautiful”) is the king of Ireland, the consort of Brighid, and of Formorian as well as Tuatha De Danann parentage.


If you need a regular reminder, spirits lie.

Everyone needs to be reminded of this, regularly.
That said, humanity doesn’t have much of a high ground on lying.

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